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Audience Analysis Acquisition Analysis Behavior Analysis Conversion Analysis
  • We cannot see the future and we don’t have a Crystal Ball but we have the next best thing!
  • We can help you see the risks that lie ahead to help to avoid them, spot opportunities, predict how campaigns will perform and which market segments will be the most profitable.
  • We will help to analyze the unending stream of your Customer Data, so you can use it to drive business success.  Visualize what’s going on with your business with real-time monitoring and processing, find hidden patterns and trends.
  • With Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning you will know what people need even before they do.
  • We’ll create Customer Segments and map customer behavior to desired outcome to be able to market to the most relevant audiences!!!  We'll help deliver targeted content based on Customer Profiles.
  • Predict outcome and prescribe action!  Be proactive and get ahead in your business!!!
Audience Analysis

• Real-Time Active Users Analysis • Session Trends • User Count by Time of Day •

• Cohort Analysis - User Retention Rate by Week •

• Demographics (Sessions, Age, Gender Analysis) • Bounce Rate Analysis • Page Views & Session Tracking •

• Interests and Affinity Category Analysis and AdSense Correlation Analysis •

• In-Marker Segmentation Analysis •

• Behavior Analysis (New vs. Returning, Frequency & Recency, User Engagement & Session Duration Analysis) •

• Technology Analytics (Browser, OS, Network Analysis, Mobile vs Desktop, Devise Analysis & Patterns) •

• Audience Location Geo Drilldown Analysis •

• Benchmarking: Channel Analysis and Location Analysis vs Benchmarked values within the Industry (Compare business performance to industry peers and evaluate your site's traffic data in relevance to average data of other similar sites) •

• Traffic Acquisition and Referral Analysis (Dashboarding / Treemaps) •

• Goals and Conversion Rate Analysis •

• Campaign Paid Views Analysis (AdWords Promo and Video Campaigns) •

• Social Network Behavior Analysis: Landing Pages, Network Referrals •

• Behavior and User Flow Analysis  •

• Site Content Drilldown Analysis (Landing Pages, Exit Pages) •

• Site Speed Page-by-Page Analysis